Carolina Beach Renourishment Project First to Get Extension

Carolina Beach Renourishment Project First to Get Extension

After months-long battle between federal and state lawmakers, the Carolina Beach renourishment project has been officially extended, reported WECT.

The fifty-year Carolina Beach renourishment project was set to expire this year, with no method for extension. The WRRDA bill authorized a three-year extension of coastal storm damage projects which are scheduled to expire in the next five years, including Carolina Beach. In addition, the bill created a process by which successful projects can be extended by up to 15 years with the help of federal funds.

In its latest press release, Congressman Mike McIntyre took the opportunity to congratulate the Carolina Beach “for being the first to earn an extension of their effective 50-year beach nourishment program.

During his time in the Congress, Representative McIntyre (the Chairman and Co-Founder of the Congressional Waterways Caucus) has secured hundreds of millions of dollars for coastal nourishment, inlet dredging, and harbor maintenance programs.


Dredging Today Staff, July 21, 2014