Port of Tyne Development Plan Announced (UK)

Port of Tyne Development Plan Announced

The Port of Tyne has announced a plan for the construction of a new quay at South Shields.

The development program, worth £18 million, will consist of a new 125m x 56m wide downriver extension to Riverside Quay across the Tyne Dock Basin which is located at the entrance to the former Tyne Dock.

The extension will operate as a berth for Kamsarmax and Panamax bulk carriers and will support the operation of continuous ship unloaders, mobile harbor cranes and general port traffic.

The project will also include construction of a new mooring dolphin, the rebuild of the front face of the adjacent Riverside Quay over a length of 118m complete with new crane rail, fenders, ladders and bollards, as well as the construction of a new rear crane rail within the existing suspended deck and the reconstruction of a 92m length of the quay wall within the McNulty Yard located to the East of the Basin.

Capital dredging works, that will create a new 260m long by 50m wide berth pocket with a depth of 13m CD, are also included in the project. The quay works will be designed to allow for a future dredge depth of 14m CD.

This dredging scheme also covers widening of the approach channel to the quay to 10m CD over an area of 10,200m².


Dredging Today Staff, August 1, 2014