Cullen Park Dredging About to Commence (USA)

Cullen Park Dredging About to Commence

To improve boating access at Cullen Park, the City of Toledo obtained a grant in the amount of $475,000 to re-dredge the existing channel between Cullen Park and main deep water channel of the Maumee River. 

In addition to channel dredging, the City of Toledo obtained an $850,000 grant from the State of Ohio, Division of Watercraft to improve the Cullen Park launch facility. This project is necessary to improve the heavily worn conditions within the park.

Cullen Park is situated at mouth of the Maumee River, This 36-acre park is Ohio’s westernmost Lake Erie public boating access site and the city of Toledo’s only site with di­rect access to Maumee Bay.

The Cullen Park site was acquired in 1954 and immediately put into service as informal boat launch facility; it was upgraded to a more permanent facility in 1961. Improvement to the parking area, replacement of docks and ramp repairs were last made in 1986.

Press Release, September 1, 2014