Eyemouth Harbor to Begin Next Round of Dredging

Eyemouth Harbor to Begin Next Round of Dredging

The next phase of Eyemouth Harbor dredging operations (Gunsgreen basin and harbor entrance ‘canyon’) is about to begin, according to the Harbor Master.

The hopper barge ‘MV Shearwater’ and dredging unit ‘Forth Reclaimer’ will operate within Eyemouth Harbor. For the duration of this operation all vessels must contact the Harbor Master or MV Reclaimer on ch.12 before entering or departing the harbor.

Mariners are advised that temporary restrictions to vessel movements may occur and they should navigate with caution in the vicinity. In particular they should ensure that the dredging vessels are not operating in the entrance (‘canyon’) before committing to enter or depart.

A berth in the Gunsgreen Basin will be reserved for the dredging vessels as necessary. During this time vessels in the harbor may be required to move berth as directed by the Harbor Master to facilitate the operation.

Dredging operations are expected to last until 15th September 2014.


Press Release, September 9, 2014