Exmouth Harbor Upgrades Announced (Australia)

Exmouth Harbor Upgrades Announced

The Government of Western Australia has announced a major upgrade for Exmouth Boat Harbor, offering significant economic benefits for the Gascoyne region and expanding its capacity as a major supply and service base for the oil and gas sector.

Regional Development Minister Terry Redman two days ago announced $20 million in Royalties for Regions funds to extend the service wharf by constructing a heavy lift facility and adding moorings at the harbor.

The Minister said the upgraded facilities would create about 140 new jobs within existing operations.

As the largest harbour in the region, Exmouth is well placed to be a service and support center for the resources sector in the north,” Mr Redman said. “This acknowledges Exmouth’s important role in supporting the growing maritime industry in the resource-rich Pilbara region.”

The announcement follows the Department of Transport’s completion of a $4.2 million pen upgrade at the harbor, which added 25 high-quality cyclone-rated pens for commercial and recreational use.

Transport Minister Dean Nalder said the Government would continue to work with the Gascoyne Development Commission; Shire of Exmouth; the tourism, resources and fishing sectors; and other stakeholders to finalize the detailed design for the expansion.

By extending the service wharf and building a heavy lift facility, we should see better access to the wharf for loading/unloading, water and fuel,” Mr Nalder said. “It will also diversify operations and employment with opportunities on top of the tourism and fishing industries.”


October 13, 2014