Secretary-General Backs Up New Exploration Contract

Speaking at the contract signing between the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and Ifremer on Tuesday, November 18,  Secretary-General Nii Allotey Odunton said the new contract marked the beginning of a new era in what has been a productive relationship between Ifremer and the ISA.

He said the contract being signed was also a pioneering contract as it covered an entirely new type of mineral resources – polymetallic sulphides – in a different geological and environmental setting on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The act of signing this second contract therefore merely reinforces the strong commitment of France to the Authority and to the concept  of the common heritage of mankind, and further strengthens the long-lasting cooperative relationship between the Authority and Ifremer,” he said.

Seceretary-General Odunton also recognized the role of Ifremer as one of the most important research organizations in the world, in many other projects relating to marine scientific research in the deep sea including projects such as MIDAS wihtin the context of the EU.

He said Ifremer would also have an important role to play in the future elaboration of an environmental management  plan for the Atlantic Ocean which has been highlighted by the General Assembly of the United Nations and that he looked forward to working witih Ifremer to further develop and implement the training obligations as the exploration program moves forward.


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