Beacon Reinstallation Works Start in Geelong

The Channel Safety Dredging Program in Geelong is near completion with the next phase scheduled to start today, December 8th, in the vicinity of the Corio Bay City Bend.

This phase involves reinstalling four beacons which have been refurbished. The new positions of the beacons mark the wider City Bend.

Four large 3 meter diameter steel buoys with top marks and lights, will remain on the present channel toe line. Crane Barge L147 (length 55 meters, breadth 17 meters) and tug, will work on reinstalling the beacons mentioned above and will have to drop anchors within the main channel during the process.

The Duty Marine Controller will check the working status of the barges before allowing ships to transit through the area. The works are expected to be conducted during daylight hours only and both barges and accompanying tugs will display appropriate signals as required by the International Collision Regulations.

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