VIDEO: Swire Seabed Excavator

Swire Seabed, acquired by Swire Pacific Offshore (SPO) back in 2012, has just released a short video about the Seabed Excavator in action.

The Seabed Excavator is a newly commissioned, highly efficient, multipurpose subsea tool carrier and dredging vehicle capable of working at 2500 meters water depth.

The system is delivered with a Kongsberg Evotec active heave compensated LARS system, and the vehicle can be launched and recovered in wave heights up to 4 meters. This excavator is capable of running high powered ejectors up to 16”,
providing 4800 m3/h through the ejector.

Seabed Excavator’s combination of compact design and proven technology sets a new standard for Seabed Excavators. The machine is a Swire Seabed design with a hardware and software from a Perry Slingsby XLX ROV, combined with Kaiser Excavator body.

Dredging Today Staff