Damen – CSD and Tug Delivered to Nigeria

Two more vessels have been sold to a long term Nigerian customer. A tug, type STU2208, and a cutter suction dredger, type CSD500, have arrived at their up-river operating point. 

The Nigerian customer has well chosen the vessels names : “PASAM” for the tug meaning “Daddy Sam”, and “DASERAH” for the CSD500 meaning “Mummy Sarah”. Both vessels will be working alongside a CSD500 delivered by Damen previously. Their main aim is ensuring the accessibility of an inland port, used by a fuel depot.

The cutter suction dredger will perform continuous maintenance dredging on the river, where sand banks keep menacing the navigability. The tug will tow fuel barges and assist during the mooring process of these barges.

Moreover, the tug will assist the dredger for relocations, for refueling, and jobs as anchor handling using its hydraulic deck crane. Furthermore the “PASAM” is a standby Fire Fighting vessel as it has been fitted out with a complete FiFi installation. The “PASAM” has unrestricted navigation class approval, and sailed from the Netherlands to Nigeria on its own keel in 3 weeks time.

CSD500The CSD500 “DASERAH” is a standard DAMEN cutter suction dredger fitted out for a max dredging depth of 14m. It has been enhanced by a number of option packages, including anchor booms and a spud carriage pontoon for boosting its efficiency. The dredging accuracy has been perfected by adding the NAGUARD survey software package. In addition discharge piping afloat and on land was included in the package delivery.

Both the tug and the dredger have been commissioned on location by Damen Field Service engineers and have started their respective jobs.

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