Aberdeen Harbor Welcomes First Minister

Aberdeen Harbor hosted a visit by Scotland’s First Minister and head of Scottish Enterprise yesterday. 

Aberdeen Harbor Board Chief Executive, Colin Parker was joined by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Dr. Lena Wilson, Chief Executive of Scottish Enterprise on a vessel tour of the Harbor, providing them with an insight into current harbor activity and briefing them on the harbor’s strategic plans for the future.

We are very honored to have welcomed the First Minister and Dr. Wilson to the harbor and, despite the cold, the visit afforded us a great opportunity to provide these distinguished guests with a warm welcome and a front row seat to view some of the important national and international activity that takes place here in the port. It was also an opportunity for us to thank the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise for the continued support that they have provided for Aberdeen Harbor’s expansion plans.

Aberdeen Harbor’s proposed plans to expand their operations into Nigg Bay, to the south of the existing harbor, form one the 14 projects recognized in the Scottish Government’s National Planning Framework (3) as holding national significance for Scotland.

Press Release