Funding OKd for Oak Island Dredging

The Brunswick County Board of Commissioners has approved $500,000 that will be used for a channel dredging and beach nourishment at Oak Island.

The funding, to be used for the phase I of the Lower Lockwood Folly Habitat Restoration and Navigation Project, will be paid in three annual equal installments of $166,666 beginning in FY 2015.

This is one of two projects that DWR considered important enough to fund from the State’s Shallow Draft Channel Navigation and Lake Dredging Fund.

Under the Lower Lockwood Folly Habitat Restoration Plan, approx 200,000 cubic yards of sand will be placed on Oak Island from between 42nd and 48th Place West to between 66th and 69th Place West, for a total of approximately 1.25 miles.

The project will cost approximately $3.5 million. The Town will use $1.7 million received from the State fund and $500,000 from Brunswick County.

Construction works on the nourishment project are scheduled to begin next month.

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Dredging Today Staff