Murray Mouth Dredging Moves Ahead

Dredging operations are underway at the Murray Mouth in order to maintain connectivity between the Coorong and the Southern Ocean.

Boat operators are being cautioned to take extra care if they intend to take their vessels near the vicinity of the Murray Mouth.

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Water Resource Operations manager Jarrod Eaton said: “During dredging operations there will be times when passage will be restricted past and through the mouth and along Younghusband Peninsula next to the mouth,” Mr Eaton said.

We are attempting to minimize disruption to boat operators, but currently access is restricted in the Tauwitchere Channel where the dredge is operating, and the Goolwa Channel is severely constricted by sand.

“Already there have been several instances of vessels being stuck on sandbars near the mouth, and boat operators need to be aware there are navigation hazards.

“We are advising watercraft operators to take extreme care, and to be mindful that they may be unable to access the mouth.

“All watercraft users need to be aware of the risk of submerged navigation hazards, and should regularly check water depth.

“People need to be particularly careful near the mouth and should obey all signage and stay away from exclusions zones around dredging operations in the interests of their own safety.

“In addition people are advised not to stand close to the edge of the sand along the Goolwa channel by the mouth as the sand is unstable and presents a hazard.”

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