Picture of the Day: Hulhumale Phase II

The second phase of the Hulhumalé Dredging & Reclamation project in the Maldives is in full swing.

DEME’s Dredging International started recently the land reclamation works on the Phase II of the project. This project will add another 240 ha of new land to the island.

The required volume, around 6 million m³ of sand, will be borrowed in depths up to 60 meters by a suction hopper dredger and transported to a coupling point, where it is being pumped through a system of floating, sinker and shore lines.

In the reclamation area, the Dredging International team will receive, organize and level the sand with excavators, dumpers and dozers.

The Hulhumalé Phase II project brings residential development, a business district, a light industrial park, a marina and cruise terminal, a knowledge and technology park and a heritage and tourism district. It will accommodate about 100,000 people.


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