Developing the Bangladesh Delta Plan

The first joint workshop was organised in Dhaka recently to identify possible measures for the Bangladesh delta plan.

It resulted in a series of measures to limit flooding, improve river and coastal management, and prevent water shortages. This was the first important step in the development of an adaptive delta plan for Bangladesh that is intended to result in a sustainable, habitable and economically developed delta area between now and 2100.

The workshop was run by experts from Deltares, Alterra and Geodan. Representatives of the BWDB (Bangladesh Water Development Board), WARPO (Water Resources Planning Organisation), the IWM (Institute for Water Modelling) and CEGIS (Centre for Geographical Information Services) were present at the workshop and they made important contributions.

Bangladesh Delta Plan Team consists of experts from Twijnstra Gudde, Deltares, Witteveen en Bos, UNESCO-IHE, Defacto, Euroconsult Mott MacDonald and the Bangladeshi partners IWM and CEGIS. They were appointed by the General Economy Division (GED), the highest planning agency of the Bangladeshi government, and the Dutch embassy in Bangladesh, to start on the development of a delta plan in 2014.