Quick Dredge Technology from ECTMarine

With extensive experience and knowledge in dredge construction and operation, ECTMarine has developed a dredge technology that makes high performance dredging transportable and quickly operational in any situation. 

The dredge comes in two sizes the Quick dredge 25/170 and the Quick dredge 25/230.

The Quick dredge technology is the solution for dredging projects where fast mobilization and demobilization are important and where proper dredging performance is required. The Quick dredge is transportable by truck and with a standard truck crane available on the truck, this equipment can be mobilized single-handedly in a matter of hours.

Together with the option to install propulsion, the quick dredging vessels are transportable, maneuverable and economical with dredging capabilities that suit heavier dredging projects.

The 25/230 is bigger than the 25/170 and is able to dredge up to 7 m deep with sufficient cutter power to dredge sand and clay like soils.

For the smaller jobs there is an alternative to use the 25/170, which is slightly smaller in size and capacity and has a standard dredging depth of 4 m.

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