Headland Coastal Project About to Begin

Work will start later this month on the next phase of a major project to strengthen the Headland’s sea defenses against the effects of coastal erosion and flooding.

The work, which will cost £9.6m and be funded by the Environment Agency, Hartlepool Council and other organisations, will involve putting new concrete block facing on the existing seawall from the Heugh Gun Battery to the far end of Marine Drive. Rock armor will also be added to the base of the wall.

There will also be additional protection to the sea wall from the Pilot Pier to the Heugh Breakwater in the form of concrete blocks at the base of the wall, arranged in a stepped formation to absorb the impact of the waves.

The coastal defenses have been designed by the Council’s Engineering Section and the work will continue in phases until 2020.

Councillor Marjorie James, Chair of the Council’s Neighborhood Services Committee, said: “Rising sea levels and coastal erosion are a serious threat along Britain’s coastline and ensuring that Hartlepool is properly protected is a key priority for the Council.

“Using the latest computer modelling techniques these sea defenses have been designed to withstand the most severe storms and to last for over 100 years. They will safeguard more than 500 homes as well as a number of business premises.”

Construction will only be carried out during the summer months between March and September because many wild birds spend the winter feeding along that stretch of coastline and as such it has international special protection.

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