CCCC Bags Major Land Reclamation Deal

CCCC Shanghai Dredging Co., Ltd. and CCCC Third Harbor Consultants Co., Ltd. have won bid for the Phase 1 of the Tongzhouwan port zone land reclamation works.

The value of the contract is approx $111 million with a construction period of 653 calendar days.

The project is located on the shoreline of Tongzhou District, Nantong, Jiangsu Province. With a sea area of 1.852 million square meters, the deal involves construction of 9,009 meters of cofferdams and 7,825 meters of small dikes, and filling of some 5.15 million cubic meters of sand; the design part involves all preliminary design within the scope of engineering feasibility study, construction drawing design, follow-up design services, etc.

After it is completed, the project will be of great strategic significance in supporting Nantong to become an economic center in the north of the Yangtze River Delta, further advancing the development of Jiangsu’s coastal areas and building the new growth point of the Yangtze River Economic Zone.


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