Burry Port Marina in Need of Dredging

Suzy Davies, South Wales West Assembly Member, and Selaine Saxby, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, visited Burry Port last week.

They met with small businesses involved in tourism to identify how Welsh Conservatives can help with their current issues which include cuts in street cleaning, silt issues in the harbor and lack of a strategic plan for tourism in Burry Port.

The sand within the marina and just outside the gates has built up to such an extent that boats are struggling to get in or out of the harbor other than at high tide, West Wales Chronicle informs.

Dredging is due in the coming weeks, but Mike Huish who has a boat in the marina, said: “There is just not enough regular dredging and removal of the sand for boats to move freely in and out of the marina. We hope something can be done more regularly so the marina remains fully functioning.”

They also discussed concerns with locals about the apparent lack of joined up thinking for the town to really benefit from tourism.

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