Eko Atlantic City Grows Rapidly (VIDEO)

Eko Atlantic City in Nigeria is one of the most ambitious real estate developments in Africa. The new city is being built on Lagos’ Bar Beach – on land that is reclaimed from the sea.

The City is being built in six phases that will ultimately result in the creation of 9 km² of prime land, requiring a reclamation and sand winning of no less than 100 million m³ on an area of 2 x 7 km.

Belgian dredging contractor DEME recently signed a contract with South Energyx Development FZE for the development of the remaining phases of the EKO Atlantic City project in Lagos. Some 500 hectares of land have been created so far.

The company’s involvement in the optimization process as well as the coordination efforts with local authorities have been important factors that influenced both feasibility and the continuation of the project.

The phases 3 till 6 of this prestigious project include the reclamation of 42 million m³. Works will be executed over 3 to 4 years.

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