ABPmer to Assist AIC in Coastal Protection

UK marine environmental consultancy firm ABPmer has been commissioned by AIC Arquitetura & Urbanismo to evaluate a proposed coastal defense scheme for a section of coast in Bahia State, Brazil.

The local coastline is experiencing erosion along a ‘sand cliff’ and beach. Coastal management measures are therefore required to protect the hinterland infrastructure from any erosion threat.

Peter Whitehead, Associate at ABPmer said: “We are delighted to be asked to assist AIC. Understanding the processes operating along the frontage is the first step in deciding whether any proposed scheme is the most appropriate. 

Of primary interest to this area is understanding the inshore wave and water level conditions occurring now and in the past, particularly during extreme events. Using this knowledge, we can appraise the coastal defense proposal and if necessary suggest modifications or an alternative option.

ABPmer, with its experience in the UK and overseas, will provide much-needed support in the development of regional coastal strategies and local scheme design.