EURO DREDGER 450 Introduced

Dredge Yard, a company dedicated to the market of dredge equipment and dredging technology, and Dutch-based Neptune Shipyards, in order to develop innovative products and exploit operational synergies, have just introduced EURO DREDGER 450.

This piece of dredging equipment is the first in a series of versatile cutter suction dredgers with a discharge pipe diameter of 450 mm and will be complemented with the 350, 500 and 650 versions in the nearest future.

Iulia Berchiu, Dredge Yard’s Marketing Manager, said: “The dismountable EURO DREDGER 450 is one of our first projects that started in March 2015 with detailed engineering and is planned to be ready for delivery in the 4th quarter of 2015.”

Teun Boerma, Dredge Yard’s Sales Manager, added: “It is our focus to create a first class dredger, which will meet the requirements of our customers, which is reliable and easy to maintain, affordable and foremost a dredger with high productivity. In addition, we want to meet the highest safety standards for our customers and best work environment for the operators.”

All dredgers will have an inboard dredge pump and a hydraulic driven cutter head and a wide range of options will be made available such as a spud carrier system, anchor booms, submerged dredge pump and dredge automation and control.

The main features of EURO-DREDGER 450:

  • Length overall: 25.1 m;
  • Dredging depth: 10 m;
  • Suction pipe diameter: 500 mm;
  • Discharge pipe diameter: 450 mm;
  • Dredge pump diesel engine: 634 kW;
  • Cutter power: 112 kW;
  • Total installed power: 866 kW.