ECSA 55 Set for September

The ECSA 55 conference, under the theme ‘Unbounded boundaries and shifting baselines: Estuaries and coastal seas in a rapidly changing world,’ will be held in London, UK, from the 6-9 September 2015.

ECSA 55 will bring together a global multi-disciplinary community of researchers and professionals to discuss and address issues of outstanding scientific importance in the science and management of estuaries and coastal seas in this rapidly changing world.

The event will focus on learning lessons from the past, discussing the current and forecasting for the future, spanning environmental, anthropogenic and climatic impacts on estuaries and coastal seas across the globe.

Conference Topics

  • Biology and ecology of coastal and estuarine systems: evolution, adaptation and shifting baselines;
  • Physical and chemical processes in estuaries and coasts: geochemical, sedimentary, hydrodynamic and geomorphological change;
  • Interactions between biological, geochemical and physical processes: fluxes and functions;
  • Valuing estuaries and coasts: Shifting social, economic and cultural perspectives;
  • Managing challenges: Working towards resilient and sustainable coasts and estuaries;
  • Estuaries and coasts in the future: Prediction and adaptation;
  • The challenges of heavily modified, industrialized megacity estuaries.