Photo Update: EMSAGG Conference in Delft

The 5th European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG) Conference, hosted by Deltares, took place this month, from 4-5 June, in Delft, the Netherlands.

This EMSAGG conference, under the name ‘Marine sand and gravel – finding common ground’, covered a range of topics highly relevant to the dredging industry, its regulators, customers and other stakeholders covering both technical and non-technical issues.

The conference program examined three broad topic areas with summary presentations and panel discussions in each:

  • Extraction of marine sand and gravel – monitoring and impacts;
  • New technologies and developments;
  • Marine spatial planning.

The conference also included a presentation and tour on the Sand Engine/Sand Motor, south of the Hague, a pioneering approach to coastal management.

Today, we are bringing you some exclusive photos from this prestigious event:







The European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG) is an independent body which draws together stakeholders from across the dredging industry, including dredging organisations, European Government departments and agencies, regulators, economists, resource planners, environmental bodies and academic as well as research bodies, particularly at European level.