Preparations Underway for Antique Rivers Dredging

Several millions of funds used to be spent for the dredging of the rivers of Antique, but these rivers remain silted and need immediate action to prevent massive flooding in the coming weeks or months.

Now with minimal expense on the part of the provincial government of Antique, these rivers will be dredged regularly to avoid devastation of properties.

On Tuesday, representatives of the Bureau of Equipment, headed by Engineer Ferdinand Fugaban, inspected the seven major rivers in the province: Bacong River in Culasi, Tibiao River in Tibiao, Dalanas River in the boundary of Tibiao and Barbaza towns, Lupa-an River in Laua-an, Paliwan River and Cangaranan River in Bugasong and Sibalom River in Sibalom town, to determine what equipment should be used to dredge these rivers.

Fugaban said that his office will be sending one unit of amphibious backhoe and necessary personnel or heavy equipment operators to do the dredging work.

Gov. Rhodora J. Cadiao requested the bureau to conduct the dredging with minimal expense from the provincial government.

We have inspected these rivers identified by the Governor and we are sending an amphibious backhoe that can be used in both dry and watery river channels. This backhoe can float when the water is high. This is rent-free and with it will be two or three heavy equipment operators who will also be in-charge of maintenance of the equipment,” Fugaban said.

The provincial government will just need to provide fuel and lubricant for the backhoe and secure the equipment.

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