Port Geographe Contract Awarded

Business & Finance

BMT JFA Consultants (BMT), a subsidiary of BMT Group, has been awarded a contract by the Western Australian Department of Transport (DoT) to provide services as Coastal Engineering Advisor for the Management of Beaches, Structures and Waterways at Port Geographe.

The contract will run for an initial two years with options to extend annually up to a total five year period.

Port Geographe harbor is a coastal marina and residential canal estate developed in 1996 near the town of Busselton, Western Australia. The development has experienced ongoing problems due to large accumulations of seagrass wrack in the harbor and on adjacent beaches during winter months. Extensive coastal studies have led to the recent reconfiguration of the harbor entrance for which BMT has managed the capital and maintenance dredging components.

Tim Green, Managing Director of BMT JFA Consultant, said: “Working closely with Western Australian Department of Transport we look forward to delivering our element of the scheme and in so doing, help improve the environmental and health issues caused by seagrass wrack and sedimentation.

In order to successfully deliver its broad scope of works, BMT has put together a team comprising extensive knowledge of the facility and its coastal setting to develop operational plans and provide coastal management and engineering services.

To ensure compliance with DoT commitments to State Government regarding water quality and amenity of beaches and waterways, BMT will also undertake regular monitoring and management of site works including wrack removal, maintenance dredging and sand bypassing for beach renourishment.