Broomhill Sands Scheme Latest Update

Located between Camber Sands and Jury’s Gap, the £30 million Broomhill Sands coastal defense scheme is part of the Folkestone to Cliff End Strategy.

Once complete, it will reduce flood risk for 14,500 homes, numerous businesses, a nuclear power station, significant areas of designated habitat and 2 Ministry of Defense firing ranges.

It will increase the standard of protection from coastal flooding to the area from 1 in 20 years to 1 in 200 years, taking into account predicted sea level rises. The scheme will cover the 2.4 kilometers of beach from The Suttons, Camber to the western boundary of Lydd Ranges.

Current works on the project include:

  • timber step placements;
  • shingle recharge;
  • rock placement;
  • concrete wave wall;
  • construction of the car park section of the promenade;
  • construction of the “Suttons” ramp from the road to the promenade.

Sections of the beach at Broomhill remain open during construction works. Broomhill Sands Kitesurf Center is working with the Environment Agency’s construction team to ensure that kitesurfing remains safe during the construction of the new defenses.