Govt Declares New Erosion Prone Areas

The Spatial Industries Business Association (SIBA) is seeking an urgent meeting with the Minister of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to discuss new changes and seek an update on the Government’s intentions for future coastal planning laws and their commitment to effective stakeholder consultation.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection last week declared new erosion prone areas for the Queensland coast.

The new erosion prone area re-introduces climate change factors (including a sea level rise factor of 0.8 meters) and updates the shoreline position. It is very similar to the erosion prone area rescinded in 2014.

The erosion prone area is the width of the coast that is considered to be vulnerable to coastal erosion and tidal inundation.

Calculation of the erosion prone area is based on:

  • a short-term erosion component from extreme storm events;
  • a long-term erosion component where gradual erosion is occurring commonly from channel migration or a sediment supply deficit;
  • a dune scarp component, where slumping of the scarp face occurs following erosion;
  • erosion risk due to future sea level rise from climate change both by permanent inundation of land by tidal water and the morphological response of the coast to elevated water level;
  • a 40% safety factor.



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