Another Milestone for New NY Bridge Project

This week marked another milestone for the New NY Bridge project: The first steel girder assembly for the westbound (northern) span was placed near the Rockland County landing.

The first girder assembly for the eastbound (southern) span was placed on June 17. To date 11 girder assemblies have been hoisted into place by the I Lift NY super crane.

Additional girder assemblies will be placed next week and beyond, on average twice a week, as Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) installs 31 miles of steel girders weighing more than 100,000 tons.

Dredging Operations Continue

TZC will continue the second stage of dredging operations near the Westchester shoreline as part of the preparation for removing the existing bridge and completing the landing of the new southern span.

Dredging is allowed during a three-month period from August 1 to October 31 in specified locations and will be conducted 24/7 to complete the required dredging during the short window.

The window was established to avoid impacting migration and spawning patterns of local sturgeon and other fish species.

Installation of Noise Barriers in South Nyack

Next week also will see continued installation of foundations for noise barriers along the southbound Thruway between the South Broadway bridge and River Road in S. Nyack.

The work will involve drilling holes into the soil to install the foundations.

After the foundations are installed, concrete panels that form the noise barriers will be installed. The barriers will be treated with sound-absorbing material to further reduce traffic noise to the nearby community.

Additional work includes:

  • Pile cap foundation construction;
  • Placement of Steel Girder assemblies;
  • Dredging;
  • Main span foundation construction;
  • Landing abutment concrete work;
  • Support for┬áriver-based work from the Rockland trestle;
  • Survey inspections on the existing bridge;
  • Westchester landings utility work.