Coastal Protection Contract Signed

A contract agreement has been signed between the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Maldives and Sas-E Senok JV Pvt. Ltd. for the design and construction of coastal protection structures at AA.Ukulhas and Dh.Maaemboodhoo.

These projects, identified under Public Sector Investment Plan (PSIP), are to be implemented in 2015. The main aim of the works is to nourish, protect and prevent the areas of the islands vulnerable to erosion from further deterioration.

The works at AA.Ukulhas include nourishment of 6600m³ of sand on the north side of the island, and construction of 280m rock revetment wall to protect the beach. The project is expected to be completed within 157 days.

Coastal protection at Dh.Maaemboodhoo includes 220m rock revetment on the north east side of the island, 550m rock revetment at the south east side, 255m geobag revetment at the north west side and 190m geobags revetment at the south west side of the island. The project is expected to be completed with in 159 days.