CEDA White Paper on Dredge Pumps

Central Dredging Association (CEDA) has just released a white paper on ‘Developing the largest size pump in dredging industry‘.

As the demand for larger dredgers rises, there is a growing need for developing bigger dredge pumps that can reach up to 1,800 mm diameter.

The ‘Developing the largest size pump in dredging industry‘ paper was brought by Basel Yousef and Bjorn Fejer of Dredge Yard with the aim to explain some of the challenges encountered when developing such pumps, along with the analysis process used to meet those challenges.

At its locations in the Netherlands and UAE, Dredge Yard is developing dredge pumps that will be among the biggest in the industry, with suction diameter up to 1800 mm in diameter.

Given their sizes, this development requires a new approach to design and test.