Senator Pushes for Minot Flood Project

Senator John Hoeven met last week with Lt. Gen. Thomas Bostick, Commanding General of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, to impress on him the importance of comprehensive flood control for Minot and Ward County.

The senator said it is vital that the general understands the importance of flood protection projects for the region and how they work.

The senator asked Bostick to support the Mouse River Enhanced Flood Protection Plan (MREFPP) and recommend it as a new start so that it will become eligible for Corps funding to aid the city in the development of the comprehensive multi-phase flood protection project.

Minot and the Souris River Joint Board have begun designing the first three phases of the project, which involves flood control on Railway Ave, Napa Valley and Forrest Road. Design for these phases is estimated to be completed by 2017 with construction set to begin in the spring of that year.

Another phase, the Maple Diversion, has not yet entered the design stage, but the city estimates construction could be completed by 2020.

The first three phases of Minot’s comprehensive flood protection plan combined with the Maple Diversion represent flood protection for 60 percent of the area’s residents, and it is feasible to accomplish over the next five years, but we need the Corps’ active support and help,” Hoeven said.

An investment in flood protection would be cost-effective over the long term and mean lower flood insurance rates and greater peace of mind for families and businesses in the basin. We will continue to work with Lt. Gen. Bostick and his staff to help this project proceed,” he concluded.

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