Bids Invited for Port of Ortona Dredging

Comune di Ortona has invited bidders to submit their offers for the Port of Ortona dredging contract.

Under this arrangement, the contractor will excavate and study the seabed in the harbor basin of Ortona. The final design of the works will be drawn up on the basis of the Preliminary Project.

The Port of Ortona, a commercial port of primary national importance, has a total area of about 100 hectares, with about 26 hectares of the docks area.

Dredging of the port is necessary, indispensable and urgent to ensure navigation for maritime traffic and ensure the economic activities in the port itself is currently developing.

It is very important for the large companies that operate both on land and at sea in this area that the harbor is in good running condition.

This dredging program, worth around EUR 7.5 million, will involve removal of about 632,000m3 of sediment, including:

  • Approximately 572,000m3 of sediment type A1 and A2 to be used for beach nourishment and non-coastal use;
  • About 59,000m³ of sediment type B1 and B2 to be used as specified by the manual handling of marine sediments ICRAM-APAT;
  • Approximately 560 tonnes of sediment to be authorized for landfill use.

The deadline for this tender is October 27, 2015.

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