Better Coastal Protection for Borth

Natural Resources Minister, Carl Sargeant, officially opened phase two of the Borth coastal defense works last week, which aims to better protect over 400 homes, as well as vital rail infrastructure and local road links in the area.

The Minister inspected the second phase of the work, which has extended the defense from the northern limit of phase one and a new slipway to replace the existing one.

The first stage of the Borth coastal defense scheme saw the construction of a rock breakwater and reef structure to control movement of the shingle bank and maintain the natural defenses.

This Multi Purpose Reef, whilst providing coastal protection benefits, also helps form existing waves into a better shape for surfing. The reef has become an important amenity feature to the area, not just for the surf generated, but has also become an excellent area to fish.

The sand area created behind the reef is providing excellent bathing and beach access for the locals and tourists.

The total cost of the coastal works is over £18 million, with over £12.5 million coming from Welsh Government, nearly £5.5m from European Regional Development Fund and £241,000 from Ceredigion County Council.

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