VIDEO: Delaware Restoration Scheme in Full Swing

One of the largest coastal marsh restorations on the Atlantic Coast is underway in Delaware.

Hurricane Sandy resilience and recovery funding allows efforts to carve out marsh drainage channels, repair breached marshes and reconstruct severely damaged shoreline along approximately 4,000 acres of back-barrier tidal marsh along the Delaware Bay at Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

Restored marshes at the refuge will provide benefits to several adjacent communities, including Milton and Milford, and create additional habitat for birds such as rufa red knots, American oystercatchers, and piping plovers.

The restored marsh will also improve the communities’ ability to withstand future storms and sea level rise, improve wildlife habitat, and improve beach access.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has just released this short video of the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge Salt Marsh Restoration Project:

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