Exclusive Interview with NEGRINI

NEGRINI S.r.l., an Italian manufacturer of dredging equipment, grabs and buckets for rope machines and crawler mounted cranes, experienced positive results in several areas of its operations in 2015. 

Focused on the professionalism and versatility towards the different demands of their customers, the company was successful in completing a number of various and complex projects in Italy and abroad.

That’s why we decided to do an interview Mr. Massimo Negrini, the owner of the company, and explore the company and it’s products in more detail.

DT: What can you tell us about the company’s 2015 business results so far and what are the expectations for 2016?

Mr. Negrini: 2015 results are really above our expectations. For the year 2016 we don’t have a prevision at the moment but we expect a positive trend as the current year.


DT: Which markets are currently in the focus of Negrini, are there any expansions planned? 

Mr. Negrini: Our markets today are: Europe, Asia and the Middle East, South America, Africa and Canada. Our expansion is targeted towards Russia and Australia.

DT: Negrini recently took part in the MOSE Project in Venice Lagoon. Can you tell us more about your role in this project?  

Mr. Negrini: We have produced most of the equipment involved in the handling of the reefs/rocks, of the sand, the mud, etc. We have equipped with our products most of the fleets and the companies who been involved in this big project.

DT: Can you share some insights about your latest achievements in the development sector? 

Mr. Negrini: We have revolutionized the projects of all our electrohydraulic grabs and clamshells, with a particular commitment to the “designing” of new “electrohydraulic implants”. Today they are a lot more versatile, offering better performance and modularity.


DT: Our readers would like to find out more about Negrini’s current projects?  

Mr. Negrini: We currently have collaboration with the leading companies in this particular industry. They have offices in Italy, Austria and Germany. The project is to strengthen and develop this relationship. Historically the company has always had direct contact with customers and users and we desire to continue this successful strategy.

DT: Do you have plans to attend some of the industry related events this or next year? 

Mr. Negrini: In the year 2016 we will exhibit two innovative equipment in the most important international exhibition of this industry, the BAUMA 2016 in Monaco of Bavaria, the exhibition will take place in collaboration with the two of the biggest companies in this sector.

Design, production and marketing of the product, are processes that take place inside our company. When needed we avail of external selected collaborators that contribute to the perfect realization of our product. This allows us to control the different stages of production and act quickly on any issues or improvements to be taken.

Our company structure allows us a special flexibility in meeting customer needs, customizing our equipment where necessary or creating ones according to the use required, concluded Mr. Negrini.

With the positive trend expected to continue, there is no doubt that the next year will be even better for NEGRINI.

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