Funding Secured for Oxford Scheme

Oxford City Council has secured almost £2.2 million of funding for a scheme that will protect 110 properties from flooding in Northway and Marston.

Oxfordshire LEP (Local Enterprise Partnership) has given £600,000 to the scheme, while £1,596,000 is from grants administered by the Environment Agency.

The project will be discussed at November’s City Executive Board meeting and, if approved, will completely remove 91 houses from the risk of flooding.

Northway and Marston has been hit by flash flooding in the past due to its close proximity to Peasmoor Brook and the Headington Hill Tributary.

The work will see natural bunds and dwarf walls installed, as well as the brook widened and a wetland reserve created to use as temporary flood storage.

If the scheme is approved in November, a detailed design will then be drawn up before a planning application is submitted.

Work could start by the end of 2016.