TSHD Perla Refloated

The Björgun EHF owned trailing suction hopper dredger Perla, which sank in the Reykjavik harbor two weeks ago, has been lifted from the ocean.

After numerous failed attempts, rescue teams succeeded in re-floating the vessel on Monday, according to the the local news site visir.

The ship will stay moored by AEgisgardur as authorities investigate what caused the sinking in the first place.


Just after setting out to the sea from the AEgisgardur dock in the old harbor on November 2, the TSHD Perla sank.

The vessel was completely submerged within 30 minutes.

According to the managing director of the Slippur harbor area, Bjarni Thoroddsen, everyone on board was rescued and the incident was declared to be a “human error”.

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