Kooiman Completes Maintenance of TSHD Reimerswaal

The 6,000 m³ trailing suction hopper dredger Reimerswaal was moored, in late December, alongside Kooiman BV jetty in Zwijndrecht, the Netherlands, for regular maintenance.

The Reimerswaal, having a length over all of 130.25m and a (moulded) width of 22.00m, has been built by Kooiman in 2012 by the order of Reimerswaal Dredging/Den Herder.

Amongst others, Kooiman carried out maintenance works on the dredger and its dry unloading installations. Several components exposed to heavy wear and tear have been repaired or replaced.

In addition, in the dredge pipe system, new wearing plates have been installed. Since the suction pipe connection normally is under the water line, the fore ship has been lifted sufficiently to get the inlet above water allowing required repairs.

The fore part of the vessel has been lifted using the propeller repair dry dock of Kooiman. Despite the fact that in principle the vessel is too wide for this dry dock, the operation was executed with success by only bringing the fore part inside the dry dock and lifting her as such.

In addition to the 150m long repair/outfitting jetty, shipyard Kooiman is equipped with two longitudinal slipways and two 19m wide propeller repair dry docks, having a lifting capacity of 1000 ton.

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