Trimble Equipment Part of Port of Lyttelton Dredging

A Trimble GPS and HYDROpro Dredge software system has been installed for the Port of Lyttelton berth maintenance dredging project in New Zealand.

Gary Chisholm, Marine Product Manager from Trimble, said: “This system was installed in late December 2015 and dredging should be completed in the next month. While we have many systems like this installed globally this one was only 15 kms from our Trimble office so we took the opportunity to take some photos.”

The contractor, Smiths Cranes, has a crane fitted with a clamshell bucket on a self propelled barge. The system was installed and the operator trained in just over a day.

Trimble photo
Trimble photo

The software display in the cabin shows the exact areas and amount to be dredged as well as leaving a record of the area and depth dredged.

A Trimble Cable Payout sensor is integrated in to get the precise depth of the clamshell.

This system solves the classic problems of accounting for tidal changes and recording exact position and depth of the dredging.

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