Port of Longview Redevelopment – Phase 2 Underway

The Port of Longview is working to redevelop the port’s Berth 4 facility, which has sat idle for the past 27 years.

Once home to the now defunct Continental Grain Company, the site is currently humming with activity as contractors from Advanced American Construction work to construct a series of dolphins.

Dolphins are structures that extend above the water and are used for ships to “tie up” while waiting to be loaded or unloaded with various cargoes.

Phase 1 of the project began in 2014, when the 87–year old timber decking was removed, followed by the removal of over 1,000 creosote pilings from the water in 2015. Phase 2 is currently underway and entails driving pile into the water to construct the dock.

In the future, demolition of the existing grain silos will be the third and final stage and will be completed after the port’s environmental department secures the necessary permits.

This is a great project that will produce a lot of revenue for the port,” said project engineer, Bill Burton. “It’s kind of bittersweet to say goodbye to such a rich piece of the port’s history, but it’s necessary if we want to stay competitive and maximize our available land for the best possible return.”

The Port of Longview is planning to conduct five capital projects in 2016:

  • Stormwater Treatment Facility: This multi-year project will keep the Port in compliance with the Department of Ecology’s Industrial Stormwater General Permit (ISGP).
  • Berth 4 Redevelopment: The construction of a new layberth is underway at the Port’s Berth 4 facility. Demolition of the old Continental Grain Company’s facility will follow in subsequent years.
  • Rail Corridor Expansion: The Port’s Industrial Rail Corridor (IRC) will be expanded to better serve existing and future port tenants and customers. This is a multi-year project.
  • Willow Grove Park: Upgrades to this popular recreational area will begin later this year.
  • Barlow Point: Engineering and planning will continue this year, bringing the port closer to fully utilizing this valuable piece of property.

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