Waitangi Wharf Upgrade Project Announced

Delta Marine Consultants has signed a new license agreement for an Xbloc project – the Waitangi Wharf Upgrade.

This coastal scheme is located on the Chatham Islands, one of New Zealand’s most remote communities.

Waitangi Warf is a critical lifeline for the Chatham Islands, and is ready for a big upgrade.

Around 4,500 XBlocs will be used for this project.

The Waitangi Wharf Upgrade project will enhance economic development opportunities for the Chatham Islands and strengthen community resilience. The wharf is the islands’ only cargo-handling facility for essential supplies, including diesel for the electricity grid and fuel for air services.

The New Zealand Government, through the Department of Internal Affairs and New Zealand Transport Agency, is funding and managing the upgrade of Waitangi Wharf, assisted by the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust and Chatham Islands Council.

The Waitangi Wharf Upgrade project will involve:

  • A temporary landing area (2,100 m2) for unloading and loading of construction equipment;
  • A breakwater up to 185 m long for wharf protection;
  • New land for enhanced port operations and new buildings for port handling – a new commercial wharf and fishing wharf;
  • Dredging the harbor and surrounding seabed to enable construction of the new coastal structures and to improve berthing for vessels over an area of approximately 7,000 m2 (the size of a rugby field);
  • Beach replenishment of Waitangi Beach using sand from the proposed dredging;
  • Improvements to the existing livestock holding area and track;
  • If funding is available, the landing area may be completed as a haul-out/launching area.

The area of the proposed upgrade works extends across an existing reclaimed area used for port operations at the base of Tikitiki Hill and into the Coastal Marine Area.

The construction period will be approximately two years and will be undertaken in stages so port operations can continue.

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