New Coastal Expert Joins ABPmer Team

ABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd (ABPmer) has appointed David Finch, a coastal and estuarine dynamics specialist, to extend its support to the coastal management and waterside development sectors.

David has over 26 years’ experience in the construction, calibration and application of hydrodynamic, wave and sediment transport models and in the specification and supervision of oceanographic surveys.

He has managed and directed large multi-disciplinary projects including beach management works and major port and waterfront developments all over the world, including the UK, Middle East and Caribbean.

Bill Cooper, ABPmer’s Managing Director, said: “His knowledge, experience and understanding will enhance our offer to the waterside development and coastal management sector. We expect him to provide a strong link between our natural processes and modelling teams as well as valuable input to ABPmer’s Middle East business development strategy.

ABPmer has a long history of assisting developers plan, design and implement projects at the coast. Their knowledge is regularly applied to coastal defense schemes, marinas, port developments, power stations and waterside development.