VIDEO: Trimble Marine HYDROpro Dredge System for ‘Aida’

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SitechPHL photo
SitechPHL photo

F.F. Marine Inc. recently installed a Trimble Marine HYDROpro Dredge System aboard the ‘Aida’, their twin-clam grab dredger. 

“SITECH Philippines, our local Trimble Marine dealer, installed the system and used Wi-Fi to send the GNSS antenna positions from each trolley to the bridge so both operators can work independently,” the company spokesperson said.

Dual cable payout sensors are also integrated in to the HYDROpro Dredge software to give precise depth of the clamshell dredge cutting teeth and update the dredged surface.

SITECH Philippines has just released a video about the Trimble Marine HYDROpro Dredge System for the grab dredger.

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