Dredge Yard at Moscow Forum of Dredging Companies

Dredge Yard has sponsored for the 3rd consecutive year the Moscow Forum of Dredging Companies, organized by the Media-Group Port News with the assistance of the Ministry of Transport of Russia Federation.

Specialists in dredging and shipbuilding industry gathered from around the globe to discuss about international and Russian dredging projects, shipyards capabilities on designing, building or repairing dredging equipment, new land reclamation technologies and state-of art equipment for global dredging operations.

Dredge Yard used the opportunity present one of the latest projects, the Euro Dredger 450, a multi-purpose cutter suction dredger, with a discharge pipe diameter of 450 mm, built on stock in the Netherlands in a joint project with Neptune Shipyards.

Some of the main features of the Euro Dredger 450, outlined by Basel Yousef, Dredge yard CEO, in his presentation are:

  • The dredger has a total power of 866 kW;
  • The hull consists of three dismountable pontoons fixed by rigged coupling inside the pontoon;
  • Equipped with a high performance pump mounted directly onto the gearbox to save space and weight and driven directly by a 634 kW diesel engine;
  • A hydraulic power pack of 232 kW is fitted in the main pontoon to supply hydraulic power to the cutter head, winches and spud cylinders;
  • The cutter head has replaceable cutter teeth that come in three types: sharp point, wide and flare;
  • Wide range of options will be made available – such as a spud carrier system, anchor booms, submerged dredge pump and dredge automation and control.

The Euro Dredger 450 will be complemented by the 350, 450, 500 and 650 versions in the very near future.


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