Dutch and British Flood Experts Meet in UK

Following the invitation by the Environment Agency, Dutch and British flood experts last week exchanged ideas for more collaboration on innovation in the area of flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCRM).

The exchange took place during one of the workshops held as part of the Flood & Coast 2016 conference in Telford, UK on 24 February.

Opening the workshop director strategy & investment Alison Baptiste of the Environment Agency mentioned that the existing cooperation between the Dutch and British flood authorities, such as the I-Storm network on storm surge barriers including the Thames barrier in London and the Maeslantkering in Rotterdam.

Last week we brought together scientists, academics, engineers, practitioners and government officers to share ideas and best practice in FCRM,” Alison Baptiste concluded.

The workshop provided a great opportunity for industry professionals to come together to be inspired, listen, learn, discuss and plan for the future.

Organised by the Environment Agency, Flood & Coast 2016 event drew together key FCRM stakeholders including local authorities, infrastructure owners, consultancies, contractors, businesses, community groups and universities.

More than 1,500 delegates attended the three-day exhibition, conference and workshop sessions.