Reclamation and Other Uses of Marine Aggregate in Poland

The European Marine Sand and Gravel Group (EMSAGG) has announced that their seminar ‘Reclamation and Other Uses of Marine Aggregate’ will take place on April 22, 2016, in Gdansk, Poland.

This EMSAGG seminar will examine the role of marine aggregate for reclamation works, coastal renourishment projects and other uses outside the construction industry.

Coastline erosion and protection of coastal assets and communities is a growing challenge for the many countries in Europe, as the coastline is under great pressure from human uses, intensified by the effects of a changing climate with rising sea levels and increased storm activity.

Beach and coastal management has evolved significantly in design and execution in recent years, with increased evaluation of state and performance of beaches, improved modelling and innovative solutions for coastal protection and better understanding of effects of sand and gravel extraction for these works.

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