Next Stage of Portarlington Redevelopment Begins

AW Maritime has just released an update on the Portarlington Safe Harbor Redevelopment Project.

The company is currently assisting Parks Victoria during the construction of the Portarlington scheme, having completed the detailed design of all maritime aspects of the development including breakwaters and marine structures.

Current works involve the construction of rock breakwaters to the east and north of Portarlington pier to protect the harbor.

This will then be followed by the installation of a new jetty, commercial fishing berths and loading facilities.

New breakwaters

To help reduce the intensity of wave action and create a calmer environment for vessels into Portarlington Harbor, a new 270 meter breakwater to the east of the pier is being constructed.

The harbor’s existing northern breakwater will be extended by a further 370 meters.

Roughly 132,000 tonnes of basalt rock sourced from west of Geelong will be used to construct the breakwaters.

The new eastern breakwater will be built all the way to the end and then a temporary bridge built to provide construction vehicle access to build the northern breakwater.

Commercial berthing jetty

The commercial berthing jetty is being prefabricated offsite. The steel piles will be driven into the sea bed by a large pile driving barge.

The precast concrete panels will then be installed to form the deck of the jetty.

The jetty will be located about ten meters closer to the shoreline to allow for larger vessels to access the new berth.

A ferry berth for a potential future ferry service will also be installed on the shore side of the new commercial berthing jetty.

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