Fureys Creek Dredging About to Begin

Jacks Point ramp beside the Patukirikiri Reserve has been closed temporarily due to health and safety concerns around deep mud at the end of the ramp, according to the Thames-Coromandel District Council.

The Coromandel-Colville Community Board has approved further dredging of Fureys Creek to help improve the use and access around the ramp.

The dredging will start on Monday, 20 June.

“Last month our staff assessed the site to seek options for the boat ramp, which the Community Board considered at its 14 June extraordinary meeting,” the council said in its announcement.

The options considered were:

Option 1: Minimal Renewal. A minimal renewal approach will provide a safer and more usable ramp.

Option 2: Upgraded and Improved Renewal. The upgrade and improve approach includes:

• Filling over the existing boat ramp;
• Constructing a new 12 m wide concrete ramp closer to the creek channel;
• A shorter and wider ramp basin reducing siltation issues;
• Extension of the western embankment.

Option 3: Retire the boat ramp. In retiring the asset, there would be a rehabilitation cost which to date has not been calculated.

As an interim measure to Council’s delivering its Coromandel Harbor Strategy, the Board’s preferred option for further investigation was Option 2.

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