USACE to Review Saginaw River Dredging Proposal

BMT Terminal Inc. has submitted application for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit for a proposed dredging work on the Saginaw River in Carrollton, Michigan.

According to the Corps, Detroit District, the applicant is proposing to dredge approximately 9,639 CY to be disposed upland, from a 900-foot long and up to a 100-foot wide area (37,600 SF) of the Saginaw River.

It is anticipated that the dredging work would be conducted using a backhoe or crane operating from a barge or land, with the dredged material being placed upland on-site (the applicant’s property on the mainland) or on a barge for conveyance to an upland bermed disposal site for unloading via a backhoe or crane.

The purpose of the proposed work is to construct a commercial marine terminal on the Saginaw River.

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