GoodFuels: Spotlight on Marine Biofuels in Dredging

Dutch Dredging, a Sliedrecht based dredging company, has kicked off its year round operation on sustainable “drop-in” marine biofuel out of the Dutch Port of Moerdijk.

Their dredging vessel Alouette, permanently stationed in the Port of Moerdijk, will operate on this unique marine fuel.

Next to saving on local emissions (PM, NOx and SOx) the GoodFuels Marine “B30” fuel blend will reduce the CO2 footprint with 25%.

Kees Van de Graaf, CEO of Dutch Dredging, said: “As Dutch Dredging we take the environment very seriously. We always strive for best in class sustainability and this fuel will again take us a step further.”

Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels Marine, said: “We are very proud of our second major dredging customer which will help further accelerate uptake of sustainable marine biofuel in the marine industry.”

“Drop-in biofuels” are liquid hydrocarbons that are functionally equivalent to petroleum-derived fuels, meaning that they can be effectively ‘dropped in’ to existing bunker infrastructure and onboard vessels.